Troubleshooting for TELUS Business customers: Boost Wi-Fi issues

Troubleshooting tips to solve issues with your Boost Wi-Fi

No open ports left?

1) Full LAN ports

If you are installing your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi system and have no available LAN ports to plug your first booster into your modem, you will have to unplug one of the occupied LAN ports.

: If you are an Optik TV customer, keep your set top box (STB) plugged into your modem to maintain your TV service.

  • Devices that you may unplug instead include computers, printers or other personal devices that can be connected via Wi-Fi instead of an Ethernet connection.

  • If all of your ports are full and you do not wish to unplug any of your devices, we recommend purchasing an Ethernet network switch at your preferred electronics retailer.

I don’t see the blue light during install

What color light do you see?

View explanations of Wi-Fi booster light colors and troubleshooting below.

My Boost is not working

If your boost does not appear to be working try the following steps.

  1. Check that your modem is set up correctly and powered on.

  2. Check that your first booster is connected to your modem with an ethernet cable.

  3. Ensure both boosters are powered on by pushing the power button

    • When the power is on the LED light on the front should be illuminated.

  4. If your second booster is not pairing with the master booster next to your modem, try moving it closer, ideal range from the master booster is 12M / 40 ft.

  5. Try restarting your boosters, unplug the power, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

  6. If you continue to have problems, try restoring to factory settings, using a pin or paperclip, press and hold boosters reset button for 5 seconds.

: factory resetting your booster will revert your network name and admin password to what is on the back of the boosters.

If the above does not resolve your issue
contact us
for further assistance.

Slow network speeds

If you are experiencing speed issues with your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi, try these troubleshooting techniques:

  1. Move closer to your nearest Wi-Fi booster.

  2. Reboot your wireless device.

  3. Ensure the LED of your Wi-Fi booster is solid blue.

    • If the light is not blue, please refer the above

  4. On the back of your booster, press the power button located at the bottom right to reboot your Wi-Fi booster(s).

Still experiencing slow speed when using your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi?

If you are still experiencing slow speeds, it may be because your modem’s Wi-Fi network is still running in the background and causing interference with your Boost Wi-Fi network.

This background Wi-Fi network creates congestion on your TELUS Boost Wi-Fi network. The congestion can be reduced by turning off the Wi-Fi that is being emitted from the modem.

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