Troubleshooting for TELUS Business customers: Office Phone ring problems

Find the reason your phone isn’t ringing

Ring problems can be caused by either a problem with the equipment in your home or a problem in the TELUS network.

The steps listed below will help you isolate the cause of the problem and in some cases resolve it.

If there is a problem with the infrastructure that supports your phone line outside of your business location, these steps will help you confirm the issue is not with your equipment. In this case, you will have to
contact us

  1. Ensure the ringer volume on your telephone is turned up

  2. Unplug all equipment from every phone jack on your line, including fax machines, modems and splitters

  3. Leave everything unplugged for a minimum of 60 seconds, and then plug in your most basic telephone (this should not be a cordless phone)

  4. Have someone call you or use your mobile phone to call your office phone. If the phone rings, begin adding equipment one piece at a time, continuing to check after each addition

  5. If, after any addition, the telephone does not ring, remove the equipment from the jack. It is probably causing the problem, and you may want to have it checked

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