NFC Mobile Payments for TELUS Business customers

What you'll need to use NFC Mobile Payments

Near Field Communication
technology, NFC Mobile Payments allow you to securely download your credit card details to an NFC SIM card. Using your bank’s mobile payment app, you can then pay for everyday purchases by holding your phone on a merchant’s contactless point of sale terminal.


NFC Mobile Payments are secure. All your data is encrypted by the credit card issuer and this service offers the same security and fraud protection features as a contactless chip credit card.

Where to use NFC Mobile Payments

You can make purchases of up to $100 using NFC Mobile Payments at any of the thousands of merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave across Canada, and abroad.

How to get started

To set up NFC Mobile Payments and pay for transactions, you need five things:

  1. An eligible credit card

  2. An NFC Mobile Payments-enabled smartphone

    • An NFC Mobile Payments-enabled smartphone (with an NFC SIM card) is required. The NFC feature must be turned on

  3. A TELUS NFC SIM card

    • A TELUS NFC SIM card stores and uses your credit card information only when paired with an NFC Mobile Payments enabled smartphone

  4. Your bank's mobile payment app

    • Download your bank’s mobile payment app through your smartphone’s app store. After the app loads, follow the on-screen instructions to load your credit card onto your NFC SIM

  5. Data Connectivity

    • Your TELUS Business account must have data enabled for initial set up and to keep your virtual credit cards up-to-date. Setup and updates require relatively little data, so data charges will be minimal. Payment transactions do not use data

Using NFC Mobile Payments

Wi-Fi not needed

Once you have your smartphone set up for NFC Mobile Payments, you do not need to be connected to the TELUS network to make a transaction.

Making a payment

NFC Mobile Payments are accepted at merchants that support MasterCard Pay Pass or Visa payWave point of sale terminals. Your phone needs to be powered on.

To make a payment, launch your bank’s mobile payment app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to hold the smartphone on the point of sale terminal to process the transaction.

Making transactions while on the phone

You can safely make transactions while on the phone. Your phone call will not be interrupted.

Switching to a device that isn’t NFC Mobile Payments-enabled

The NFC SIM will provide regular cellular activity in a device that isn’t enabled for NFC Mobile Payments. You will not be able to access or use your virtual credit card.

Availability with other banks

We’re working hard to bring other banks on board. Please check back soon for more information.

Changing or upgrading your mobile phone

Your virtual credit cards are stored on your NFC SIM. So when you upgrade your smartphone, your virtual credit cards will be preserved as long as you keep your NFC SIM.

You must install your bank’s mobile app on your new NFC Mobile Payments-enabled smartphone to make a transaction.

Lost or stolen phones

If your phone is lost or stolen, contact TELUS Business to
disable your phone
to prevent unauthorized use.

To remove your virtual credit cards from your NFC SIM, you must contact the partner directly. TELUS does not have the ability to alter or delete virtual credit cards on the partner’s behalf.

Data costs and other fees

Outside of standard data fees, TELUS Business does not charge any additional fees for using the NFC SIM.

Only the process of adding, updating, and deleting virtual credit cards will use the data network. No data charges are incurred when conducting payment transactions.

Getting help

Depending on your issue, you will need to contact either TELUS Business or the responsible Issuer.

Contact Us
if you need help with:

  • Network and connectivity

  • Hardware issues with the smartphone or NFC SIM card

Contact your bank if you need help with:

  • Mobile application download and usage

  • Virtual card setup

  • Virtual card transactions

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