Four women join forces to form Lathered Essentials

Alberta · Jul 14, 2020

Jennifer Cote, Kristin Verbeek, Lisa McIntosh and Meghan Peters of Lathered Essentials in Airdrie


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Four women behind two great companies, Lathered Essentials and J.Co Organics, had always talked about joining forces someday down the road. But when the pandemic began, they realized the time was now to collaborate on some new solutions that would help protect their community – and the environment. 

“We can't promise to make cleaning fun, but we can promise to make it easier and provide peace-of-mind that it will do more good than harm.”- Jennifer Cote, co-owner of Lathered Essentials.

While COVID-19 has cruelly separated so many people, it’s also united communities in unexpected ways – and in the case of these four Albertan entrepreneurs, it’s even led to an exciting new business partnership. 

In 2012, Jennifer Cote founded J.Co Organics in the hopes of offering smarter, safer, natural skincare products. She shared an office building with the team at Lathered Essentials – an in-home cleaning service led by Kristin Verbeek, Lisa McIntosh and Meghan Peters– and the four women developed a friendship. Their businesses seemed like a natural fit, and they often discussed the idea of partnering to create some new eco- and human-friendly cleaning products. 

When the lockdown began, Lathered Essentials made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend their in-home services. At the same time, the global shortage of hand sanitizer became apparent and the four women knew it was time to make their dream a reality – collaborating to create a new line of sanitizers and natural home cleaning products that quarantined customers could use to protect their families.  

Within 48 hours, a website was created, legal documents were drawn up, and a new business was born: Lathered Essentials. 

As Jennifer explains, the partnership was a natural fit. “The experience that J.Co Organics brings ensures that not only will our products be safe for our bodies to be in contact with, but when it all comes out in the wash, Mother Nature won't be left handling the run off.”

Customers of both businesses were quick to embrace the new joint-venture, which also provided critical supplies to those leading the public response to COVID-19. “Seeing the pictures of our front-line and essential workers who are loving our hand sanitizer has left us in awe of their bravery,” Jennifer says. 

“We’re so very thankful that we could help.”

Small businesses all across Canada are facing some serious challenges. But by supporting one another the way these four women have, Jennifer knows the future will be bright.  

“If we all work together to protect those closest to us, we will create a strong bond of support and love that nothing can penetrate.”

Check out Lathered Essentials and J.Co Organics online for more information about their services.

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