Working around the clock to keep their furry clients fed

Alberta · Jul 21, 2020

Nicole Porterfield and Kim Good from Farm Fresh Pet Foods in Calgary
As a wholesale supplier to pet stores across Canada, Farm Fresh Pet Foods was considered an essential service – and they’ve been working around the clock to put food in your pets’ bowls. It hasn’t been easy, but owners Kim Good and Nicole Porterfield are grateful for the opportunity to support and employ Canadians during a time of great uncertainty. 

“Pets are such an important part of people’s everyday lives. And during the pandemic, they’ve become even more important as social companions, exercise partners, childminders, caregivers and care recipients.” - Nicole Porterfield, co-owner of Farm Fresh Pet Foods.

Based out of Edmonton, Farm Fresh Pet Foods is the brainchild of owner operators Nicole Porterfield and Kim Good. “We got started when we learned that not many dog food or treats were made using real, whole foods,” they told us. “Coming from agricultural backgrounds, we knew there was a better way.” 
The pair began creating healthy pet products made from as many Canadian Prairie ingredients as possible – and today, their products can be found in over 900 stores across North America. 
Deemed an essential service, business has remained strong (albeit hectic) during the pandemic. But it’s also led to several operational changes. To support physical distancing, they’ve adjusted their warehouse schedule and introduced flexible work-from-home hours to accommodate kids’ schooling and other life changes. The team is also embracing social media platforms to promote and support their retail partner adjustments – recognizing new hours, online, pick-up and delivery options. 
“Many customers are shifting to online shopping but still wanting to support local businesses,” Nicole says. “We’ve seen many of our specialty retailers offer online, phone, email shopping, curbside pick-ups and deliveries – and we imagine this will continue.” 
To thank them and their customers for making an extra effort, Farm Fresh Pet Foods has been providing trial-size treat packages to be shared in curbside pick-up and delivery orders.
It’s been a crazy few months, but Nicole and Kim are proud to offer products that support Canadian farmers and retailers. “We’re grateful that we can offer employment opportunities in this difficult time, and our customers can feel good knowing they’re giving their pets healthy, tasty products that support the Canadian economy.”
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