Which personal safety devices are right for you?

How it works · Apr 11, 2023

It's essential to be proactive about your safety and well-being. 
Whether you're out for an early morning run, going to and from work at odd hours, or living your best life on a first date, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from a wearable personal security device.
Now that
TELUS has partnered with invisaWear
, wearable personal security devices are now easily accessible, fashionable, and discrete.

An image with the TELUS and Invisawear logos together, showing the TELUS SmartWear security device in someone’s hand as part of their key chain, and emitting a signal to indicate location.

A wearable personal security device is easy to use. It can be something as fashionable as a
or a
, or as discreet as a safety
, that connects to a companion smartphone app. 
With a quick double-click, you’ll be connected to emergency responders who will stay with you until the threat has passed. You can also send up to 5 personal contacts a text with your exact GPS location.
Wondering if one of these personal safety devices is right for you? Read on to find out how people like you are using these devices to live their best lives with an added layer of security by their side.

Safety jewelery designed for the student lifestyle

Someone you love has achieved their dream of college or university. Determined to succeed and enjoy all the benefits that living away from home provides, their schedule is full of early-morning-sports, on and off-campus classes and late-night social activities. Isn’t it nice to know that they can take
an extra layer of security
with them on all their adventures.
A group of young people looking into the camera, smiling, and showing their TELUS SmartWear security devices as keychains, necklaces, and bracelets, in both a gold and silver color.

Emergency bracelets for independent or shift workers on the move

Imagine you’re a realtor, a shift worker, a healthcare professional or someone who takes rideshares and transit to get around. You love what you do and the freedom and independence your work and lifestyle gives you. And thanks to TELUS SmartWear Security, you can
keep doing more of what you love with even more peace of mind
A person dressed in business casual clothing holding a TELUS SmartWear security keychain

Your ‘why’ is your business. Keeping you safe is ours.

Regardless of your ‘why’, wearable personal security devices are a great option for everyone who wants to take control of their personal safety and live their best life, with a bit of added protection on their side.
A smart phone, sitting next to a cup of coffee with a heart drawn in the coffee’s foam topping, sitting next to a TELUS SmartWear security charm in silver color.

TELUS has you covered

With all the benefits TELUS SmartWear Security can offer, why not
get started today
empowering yourself or your loved ones today! You’ll find
plans and devices for every preference and budget

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