Credit options from TELUS

How to get a device through our Credit Limit Program

Our Credit Limit Program lets you receive a device with a credit limit, without having to pay a deposit.

  • Use your device as normal, and keep it active by paying your bill every month and by keeping your total balance under your credit limit. Your total balance includes your unpaid bill plus all up-to-date extra or overage charges, e.g. long distance, data, and minutes/texts over your rate plan allotment
  • When your monthly charges are billed, it is applied against your credit limit
  • To help you manage your account, you will receive a free text message reminder on your mobile device when you reach 70% and/or 85% of your limit. At this point you should pay your balance down
    Note: If you accrue your latest charges too quickly you might not receive the reminder text, instead you will receive a warning that you have exceeded your limit, and your service will be suspended shortly if payment is not received
  • If you reach the total limit you will not be able to make or receive calls except 911 and ***611 (**TELUS client care). A $35 reconnection fee will apply
  • To reactivate your device when suspended for exceeding the limit, you will need to pay your last bill plus any extra or overage charges incurred since your last bill
  • The limit can be removed if:
    • 6 consecutive monthly payments are made on time. You will be notified in this instance
    • Your account has not been suspended for non-payment in the past 12 months
  • You are eligible to use your phone internationally. However, a deposit may be required. Contact us to learn your options

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