Make a business bill payment arrangement

How to set up a payment plan and payment notifications for your overdue balance

If you have missed your bill payment and have an overdue balance, you still have payment options. The best option of course is to pay your bill immediately and report it using self-serve

If you’re unable to do so, you may be able to avoid service disconnection by making a payment arrangement so as to pay your bill at a later date.

If your account has already been disconnected, once we’ve received your payment arrangement online, we’ll restore your service quickly – typically within an hour. Make sure you turn your phone off and on again to reactivate it. A reconnection fee will still apply.

Make sure to verify your text or email inbox as you may have already received an email or text message with the links to make a payment arrangement. 

If you have not, you can follow any of the methods below.

Make sure to respect the payment arrangement you have made. 

If you miss your payments, your service may be disconnected and you’ll be subject to a reconnection fee. 

Please note that making a payment arrangement does not prevent late fees. Your credit rating may also be affected.

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