Experiencing slow speeds (Wi-Fi connection)

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Speed test

Before we get started, you should conduct a speed test.

If you are experiencing speeds much slower than your speed plan, we suggest trying the following troubleshooting steps.

If you are receiving speeds in-line with your plan but find that you consistently require faster speeds or additional bandwidth, consider upgrading your plan or if you find that you require a more consistent Wi-Fi connection, consider TELUS Boost Wi-Fi.

Basic troubleshooting

  1. Make sure your modem is in the location your TELUS technician installed it. If it has been moved, put it back in its original location.

  2. Check your modem is set up correctly and looks like this:

    1) Power 2) WAN port 3) LAN ports

  3. If you are operating older devices using legacy Wi-Fi technology consider disconnecting these devices when not in use or upgrading these devices.

Pro tip: Wi-Fi speeds may be slower on older devices, such as early generation smartphones, tablets and iPads. These same devices may also be impacting the performance of your whole Wi-Fi network, slowing down other devices in your home. To learn how to optimize your devices, visit ourdevice performance page.
4. Ensure you are within a close proximity to your modem with no obstructions.
* If you are only experiencing slow speeds in certain areas of your home located further away from your modem, TELUS Boost Wi-Fi provides additional coverage.
Learn more about Boost Wi-Fi.
5. Turn off inactive Wi-Fi devices.

Pro tip: Where possible use a wired connection for any stationary devices such as desktop computers, printers gaming consoles and TV media boxes.
6. Restart your modem. This will allow your modem to rescan the area to find the best settings for your home.
7. Reboot your devices.
8. Ensure radio devices are located away from your modem as these interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Examples of such devices include baby monitors, wireless speakers, microwave ovens and cordless telephones.
9. If possible try the speed test over a wired connection to determine if the issue is related to the internet entering the home or is a specific Wi-Fi issue.
1. If testing a speed using a wired connection and you have speeds significantly slower than your plan better give us a call.
10. Restarting your modem along with the above troubleshooting may only provide a temporary fix to your problem, if you find the issue reoccurs contact us in order for us to find and fix the root cause of your problem.

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