Setup email delivery of your monthly e.bill

Configure Bill Analyzer to email a copy of your PDF bill or statement each month

To configure monthly email delivery of your bill:

  1. Sign-in to My TELUS
  2. Click Go to Bill Analyzer
  3. If presented, read and accept the TELUS Bill Analyzer Service Terms and Conditions (the "Terms of Use") to proceed.
  4. Click Statements
  5. Use the checkbox to pick the target account(s), then click Order Statement (if none are selected, the default is 'all accounts')
  6. For Bill Date, select 'Current month's statements'
  7. For Frequency, Select 'Monthly' and the set the day in the month to receive your bill. (We recommend 2 business days after your 'bill date' indicated on your bill.)
  8. For File Type, select PDF copy of your print bill or your prefered option.
  9. For Order Delivery, Select the last option "Notify me and any additional recipients entered below by e-mail, and attach the completed order. Files exceeding 2MB will not be attached."
  10. Optional, in Send Additional Notification to (with recipient approval) add the email address of your accountant or bookeeper.
  11. Click Submit Order

Note: This monthly task can be cancelled at any time from the 'pending orders' tab of Download Centre (menu bar).

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