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A group of people shopping in a grocery store.

Product highlights

Predict in-market success with shopper behaviour data

Simulate online or in-person retail channels

Select and compare a wide range of shopper audiences

Determine how price changes will affect sales

Ensure packaging maintains brand identity and brand recall

Measure shelf presence

Compare and validate planograms

Use eye tracking technology to inform design changes

Get support from our team of researchers, artists, and programmers

Understand shopper motivation with Consumer Decision Trees

Key Features

  • Get real insights into shopper behaviour

    Analyze shopper behaviour in retail and eCommerce channels to predict how changes in pricing, merchandising, packaging and more will affect in-market performance.

    A person is holding a shopping cart in a grocery store.
  • Simulate any retail channel

    Virtual shopping environments easily and accurately simulate the shopper experience, giving you true insights across a broad range of categories.

    Two people sitting at a table with a laptop and a tablet.
  • Test with large, carefully qualified shopper groups

    Online virtual shopping testing provides a larger and more representative pool of shopper respondents, giving you more relevant results, faster.

    A man with a credit card using a laptop in a coffee shop.


  • Confidence in your retail strategy

    Measure the sales impact of pricing, packaging, placement and merchandising strategies to ensure you can grow your revenue and your category before you go to market.

  • Test different retailers

    Every retail channel is different. Make sure your product can perform in all of them with tailored virtual environments.

  • Ask the right audience

    Your product targets a specific audience, so that should be who you test. Test with your target consumer. Drill down into target subgroups, demographics and shopper profiles.

  • Find the best price for your product

    Before you change prices or decide on a competitive response, determine how they’ll affect sales with Price Predictor™.

  • Double check the packaging

    You like your look, but what do shoppers think? Make sure it stands out on shelves, sells, and gives shoppers the right impression of your brand.

  • See where shoppers look—and where they don’t

    Eye tracking shows you how shoppers scan your products, packaging, merchandising, and planograms, giving you data to improve them all.

  • Optimize aisle arrangements

    ShopperIQ®-Arrangement tells you which aisle arrangement will grow sales and improve shoppability.

  • Protect your brand

    Make sure what’s good for the product is also good for the brand. ShopperIQ® lets you know how your strategy affects the sales for the brand and the category overall.

  • Break through the clutter

    Test alternative in-store merchandising strategies, from shelf signage and store navigation to endcaps and seasonal promotions with ShopperIQ®-Merchandising research.

  • Build smart strategies for online shoppers

    Selling online presents unique opportunities, but also unique needs. Drill down into your eCommerce strategies with Digital.IQ™.

  • Develop shopper-driven category strategies

    ShopperIQ®-CDT is forward-looking and shopper-focused method that gives you a deeper understanding of your shopper’s behaviour and motivations.

  • Serve up a better menu

    Evaluate alternate in-store and online menu strategies with DiningIQ™.

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