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Product highlights

Leverages the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Supports all attributes of the GS1 US Foodservice initiative

Uses advanced automation to free up time and reduce costs

Provides primary support for attributes not handled by your systems

Keeps product information consistent across all channels

Helps align your local item code to that of your manufacturers and vendors

Assign access rights to add, change, view and approve product information

Expand attribute lists based on recipient needs

Key Features

  • The right information in the right hands

    TELUS DATUM puts the information users need at the point of purchase, including benefits, nutritional analysis, allergens and serving suggestions—all in one convenient place.

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  • Real time GS1 data storage

    As manufacturers update content in any of the the 400+ fields in the GDSN for food products, you will be notified of the changes so you can take action.

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  • Support sales with more complete product information

    Providing product information is a critical piece of the sales puzzle. TELUS DATUM enables you to display, print, or email this information to boost your chances of making the sale.

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  • Synchronize all product information

    Grant access to all items, attributes and images to your internal users, including the management of attributes that your internal systems do not support.

  • Centralize non-transactional product information

    Unify and harmonize information from repositories across your enterprise and keep your internal systems in sync with real-time changes.

  • Support order management

    Product data is synced automatically into your ERP and order management systems and matches data received from manufacturers.

  • Support sales teams

    Sales spec sheets automatically integrate with your systems while notifications about new products and product changes keep administrators up to date.

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