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Product highlights

Cloud based and secure, with a focus on data privacy

Powered by one of the largest compliance engines in the world

Web-based and mobile applications for total flexibility

Streamline workflows and enable interoperability

Built for operations of any size and for all crops

Key Features

  • Crop records

    Document and store records of field level operations and share them with key partners, with the confidence and security of the industry’s most robust label database.

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  • Scouting

    Empower grower relations representatives during on-site visits with geo-referenced scouting data, including pest and crop condition, and NDVI satellite imagery layers.

    A man in front of a field holding a smartphone showing geo-referenced data
  • Trapping

    Electronically set geo-referenced trap deployments and capture count records to increase trap visibility and keep track more easily.

    A worker standing in front of crates of apples
  • Mapping

    Track and understand each acre of your operation with mapping and permit import capabilities, and generate driving directions to fields to keep your team in the know.

    Digital mapping of a field


  • Targeted reporting results from digital records

    Query records for specific fields, and refine reporting by attributes like date, sharing recipients and permit number for the information you’re looking for.

  • Flexible reporting capabilities

    Review field information in the way that works for you by customizing columns and exporting data to Excel.

  • Empower your team

    Allow your grower relations team to document information about grower sites using information like crop condition, pest pressures, food safety notes and yield estimates.

  • Ensure compliance across all standards

    Rest assured that a recommendation written in TELUS Agronomy has been checked against the manufacturer-indemnified product label.

  • Aggregate a consistent set of field records

    Receive a complete and standardized set of records from the applicator or grower directly, in real time.

Search over 14,000 manufacturer approved product labels.

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