Best password practices for your TELUS email

Learn about protecting your TELUS email account with the strongest possible password

TELUS is migrating all customers to an upgraded email platform. We are partnering with Google to make your email more reliable, secure and powerful. To continue accessing your email, you will need to schedule your upgrade to the new platform.

To schedule your migration to the new email powered by Google visit or call 1-800-361-3311.

If you do not remember your password or need to reset your password: Please click on this
for instructions and then come back to

Having a strong password for your TELUS email will ensure your information is safe from hackers trying to gain access to your information. These tips will help you ensure you have a password that is difficult to guess but easy for you to remember.

Longer passwords are better

More characters increases the number of possible character combinations available, making it harder to guess.

Your TELUS email password must be at least 8 characters long.

Having different characters increases complexity

Special characters such as (= _ * ? # : { } , . ) make it more difficult to guess a password.

Your password is case sensitive. For this reason, your password must contain:

  • at least 1 uppercase letter

  • at least 1 lowercase letter

  • 1 special character or number

: Only these special characters are allowed:

= * ? # : { } , .

Do not re-use passwords

If one of your accounts is compromised, having the same password across multiple accounts means all of those accounts would be compromised at the same time.

Pro-tip: Create unique passwords for every one of your accounts.

Use random words instead of commonly used words

The most common passwords contain pet's name, person's name (e.g. child, partner), significant dates and place of birth.

Selecting random words or phrases with numbers and characters distributed across the password will make it more difficult to guess but easier to remember.

It is easier to remember a sentence such as "TELUS Garden is located at 510 West Georgia Street." Using the first digits of each word to create a password means having a very unique password: "TGil@5WGS" and therefore makes it more secure.

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