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An engaged, collaborative and purpose-driven culture is your key differentiator. It’s the hallmark of what we call organizational effectiveness.


Focus areas

TELUS Transformation Office helps our clients achieve organizational effectiveness by assessing and evolving five key areas of focus:


Services and packages

Choose from a mix of services, including keynotes, workshops, assessments and learning collateral, as well as reusable intellectual property to build the experience that best suits your organization. Any TTO service or package can be customized to fit your unique organizational requirements. TELUS uses the five key areas of focus to identify employee experience and cultural change improvements.

Impact assessment

The Impact Assessment starts with an online survey targeted at a specific set of employees that is designed to help build a baseline for your current organizational experience. Once its results are compiled, TTO will host an informative project team and key stakeholders keynote presentation based on our five key areas of focus. Specialized attention will be applied to opportunities that result from the assessment results and planning exercises.

Next, you take part in a deep-dive discussion with your project team and if desired, key stakeholders, in an activity-based workshop designed to help build your strategy, define objectives and plan how to implement the recommended changes. This package is best suited for organizations considering changing their organizational experience. The TTO process engages any identified team members to introduce concepts that help identify opportunities relating to the team’s ambitions for change.

Organizational effectiveness assessment

The Organizational Effectiveness Assessment is a detailed and in-depth evaluation of your culture and people practices. The assessment can include face-to-face interviews, focus groups and online surveys designed to develop a realistic impression and analysis of your current status, needs, and opportunities. Full-day activity-based workshops with key stakeholders dive deep into TTO’s five key areas of focus, and include an assessment outcomes review that identifies next steps.

TTO will also provide a detailed recommendations playbook and strategic development support plan to ensure that your business outcomes are met, and that the right strategies to transform your culture are identified.

This package is best suited for organizations requiring a full assessment of their organizational culture and employee experience before embarking on any transformational journey. TTO will support you to build realistic strategies and a measurable cultural baseline that you can track as you work through your recommendations playbook.


Our clients

Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

“I really enjoyed your keynote to our leadership team at Doctors of BC. I got lots of great comments from my team. I hope we can collaborate again in the future.”

Allan Seckel CEO, Doctors of BC

"The insights and observations in the readiness assessment report are incredible and have provided us with an exceptional and independent evaluation of our current state, opportunities and risks. The level of detail and quality of analysis is awesome."

Andy Hoggarth CFO, BC Assessment

"The TELUS Transformation Office helped us see beyond the horizon to what is possible from strategic HR departments. Equipped with our new vision shaped by TTO, our HR team feels confident that it can drive successful culture change throughout PotashCorp.”

Lee Knafelc SVP, HR

"TELUS provided a play book of recommended strategies to improve our use of resources, technology and programs. It is respectful of our current state and readiness, while also giving clear direction and recommendations for the future of learning and development in a connected workplace. We couldn’t be more appreciative of this valuable guidance and knowledge."

Bridget McDermid LobLaw


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TELUS Transformation Office works with organizations of all sizes and industry types. We can build a custom package of services that meets your specific needs, challenges and opportunities.

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TTO will work with you to build a custom package of services to meet your specific needs and opportunities.