Pledges to #EndBullying

TELUS Wise Digital Pledge

In 2018, we launched our #EndBullying campaign and the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge, asking Canadians to stand with us to rise above cyberbullying and help create a more positive, friendly world online.

See what the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge means to fellow Canadians.

“It’s important as a parent that I lead by example for my kids. Being a responsible ‘online citizen’ includes kindness both in person and behind the screen.”

– Jessica G

“It's great to see someone trying to help bring awareness to an issue that affects so many people. Together we must work together to end cyberbullying.”

– Colton

“Treat the digital world like how you want to be treated in-person.”

– Jean Wong

“We as people must stand together and create unity. Hate can only be overcome by Love.”

– Clement Cheng

“Having three teenagers in the house, I have seen the impact technology has. Just another way, as a parent, I can lead by example.”

– Greg McConnel

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

– Jen

“I am taking this pledge for my sweet baby girl in the hopes that she never has to be a victim of cyberbullying or any other form of bullying in her lifetime. #EndBullying”

– Sean Harder

“Be kind and kindness will find you.”

– Sonia Toor

“As a former teacher, and as a parent, I know how important it is to keep our kid’s safe online. Parents need the tools to help ensure their children are safe in the digital age.”

– Jean-Paul Bedard

“I grew up being bullied in the 90s, and I see the stuff people say over the internet or on their phones and it seems to have become much more aggressive and it needs to stop. We all need to have respect for each other globally.”

– Matthew B

“I can't believe bullying still exists. But it does. But it does not have to. Great work, TELUS.”

– Louis-Gilles Entremont

“It takes no effort to be nice to each other. Let's build each other up rather then tear each other apart.”

– Lisa Boudreau

The real damage of cyberbullying

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Together we can #EndBullying. Access resources for youth, parents and teachers.

Online Safety tips

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