Recycle your devices

Let’s build a sustainable future, together

A green recycling symbol
Bring your pre-loved phones, tablets and electronic accessories back to a TELUS store and we’ll responsibly recycle, upcycle, and in some cases, donate them to help keep individuals in need connected.
Sustainability first

How we’re supporting a circular economy

At TELUS, we’re driving positive environmental change and contributing to a more sustainable circular economy by prolonging the lifespan of connected devices through repairing, recycling or upcycling them.

Together, let’s reduce waste

At your local TELUS store, we responsibly recycle:
Icon depicting a tablet and smartphone
Pre-loved devices, including phones & tablets, regardless of their value. Your privacy is important to us, so we will only accept devices that have been factory reset.
Icon depicting headphones
Electronic accessory waste
, including old headphones and charging cables, at select stores across Canada.
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Product packaging, including devices or accessories. We’ll happily ensure it is managed responsibly on your behalf.

How to join the circle of sustainable tech

Trade it in

Planning to upgrade to a new phone and
trade in your current device
? We'll help ensure it’s put to good use. When you trade in your phone we responsibly recycle and where possible upcycle it, which includes helping connect with someone in need. Remember to turn off ‘find my phone’ and perform a factory reset before dropping it off.

Give it a second life

Bring your old phones and tablets to a TELUS store near you and we’ll recycle or upcycle them, depending on their condition.

Consider buying pre-owned

Help the planet and your wallet by choosing a certified pre-owned device. Help save carbon emissions and get the latest tech at a discount.

Bring it back

Our Bring-It-Back™ program refurbishes and resells old smartphones, giving them a new home rather than adding to electronic waste.
A person’s hands holding a cell phone with a light and bright background.

Measuring our sustainability success

15 million +
Devices kept out of landfills, so far.
$19 million +
The value of mobile devices and rate plans we've donated to community organizations and individuals in need across the country with your help.
Devices donated to help keep those in need connected.
4 million
The number of mobile devices we’ve recycled or upcycled since 2005.
It all adds up to helping create a more sustainable and caring future for our communities.

Bridging the digital divide

At TELUS, we believe everyone deserves access to technology, regardless of geography, ability or socio-economic status. Through programs like
Mobility for Good
, we’re helping ensure that youth and seniors are connected to what matters most.
Since 2001, we've also donated more than 38,000 computers to the Government of Canada's Computers for School program, inspiring other companies to donate their computers through the 
CEO Pledge to Bridge the Digital Divide

Helping those in need succeed

When you donate your pre-loved phone or tablet, you’re helping thousands of Canadians in need stay connected to what matters most.
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