Onscreen guide from OPTIK TV explained

How to view Grid, Channel and On Now guides

Three guide views available

You can view programs in three different views:

  • Grid guide: Shows programs that are currently showing and what's coming up, displayed by channel and in 30 minute intervals
  • Channel lineup guide: All programs for a specific channel are listed
  • On now guide: Shows programs that are currently showing, as well as those immediately following, including box art and program name, channel, and length of program

You can choose which guide view you prefer in the Guide style menu in your on-screen settings.

Find out what channels you've recently watched, what's currently on, and what's coming up

You can find out which channels you've previously watched, what's currently airing and what programs are coming up next with the click of a button. You'll see the name of the show, an image from it, and a progress bar which indicates how much of the show has already aired for those shows currently in progress.

  1. Press the previous button on your remote to see five recently viewed channels
  2. Use the left/right arrows to select a previously viewed channel
  3. Press the down arrow when watching TV to see what's currently airing
  4. Use the right arrow to find out what's next

Quick tips

  • To view a list of all programs on a channel, use the left arrow to highlight the channel logo and number, then press ok
  • To go forward or backward in the guide in 24-hour intervals, press skip fwd or skip back
  • If you'd prefer not to see the last five channels viewed, you can change this by going to Menu > Settings > Television > Previous channel options. Simply select navigate directly to last channel view then select save. This will update your settings so you can immediately tune to your previous channel

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