Toll-Free Number Service FAQs

Frequently asked questions about toll-free services

Setting up your toll-free number:

1. What is toll-free service?

Toll-free service is a one-way incoming long distance service that allows a business to receive calls at no charge to the caller.

2. Can I choose my toll-free number?

Yes, pending the availability of the number requested.

3. Do all toll-free numbers start with 1-800?

No, a toll-free number can also start with 1-888, 1-877 and 1-866.

4. What is the service charge for setting up a toll-free number?

There is no service charge for setting up a new number.

5. Can I specify how incoming call will be routed?

Yes, you can choose how toll-free calls will be routed based on pre-specified criteria such as originating area code, time of day, busy signal or no answer.

Managing your toll-free number service:

1. Do I receive a separate bill for my toll-free service?

You can receive a separate bill for your toll-free service or you can consolidate it with your existing TELUS bill.

2. How do customers find my business toll-free number?

Your toll-free number can be listed with Canadian toll-free directory assistance at 1-800-555-1212 at no additional charge.

3. If I move locations can I take my toll-free number with me?


4. Who is able to call my toll-free number?

You can specify coverage by area code, province, Canada only, or Canada and the United States, Countries outside Canada and the United States, and Canadian 10-digit number. This flexibility helps you save money by eliminating toll-free callers that may be calling from outside your company’s service area.

5. Can I bring my toll-free number from my current service provider to TELUS?


6. What display options are available?

You have the option of viewing the call origin or the toll-free number dialed.

Terminating your toll-free number:

1. Where does my toll-free number terminate?

The toll-free number can terminate to most 10-digit telephone numbers.

2. Can I have multiple toll-free numbers terminate on the same number?


3. Can I get a toll-free number to terminate on my fax line?

Yes. This is a good idea if you have customers who fax their orders to you.

4. How many calls can I receive at one time on my toll-free number?

The number of calls is limited to how many calls you can receive on the terminating number.

5. Can I have my toll-free number terminate on multiple phones?

Yes, our optional routing features give you the flexibility to route your calls to different terminating locations.

6. Can I terminate my United States toll-free number?

Yes, United States toll-free number termination is available.

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