Splash page

You can customize the splash landing page for when your customers connect to your network.

By default, the splash page is disabled. You can either enable Click-through or Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi.

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None (direct access)

●    With this default option, users will be able to connect to your network without having to go through your splash page


●    Users will be required to visit your splash page and click to connect in order to access to your network

●    With this option, you can customize a message on the splash page, upload a logo of your company and select the desired language

●    Splash frequency sets the number of times the splash page will be presented to the same user

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Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi

●    Select this option if you would like your users to visit your Facebook page when accessing your network.

●    First, select Sign-on with Facebook Wi-Fi and you will see a prompt near the top to complete your Facebook Wi-Fi settings. Select click here to continue.


●   Next, you’ll link your Facebook page to your TELUS Business Wi-Fi. Select Connect and select your Facebook page. You’ll be required to log in to your Facebook account to select your Facebook page.

Facebook Wi-Fi Settings Image

●    Once you have selected your Facebook page, you’ll see options for users to skip check-in. You have the option for the user to select a link to skip check-in or the user will be required to enter a Wi-Fi code.

●   Lastly, you can select the session length or specify how long users can stay connected to your network. 

Facebook Wi-Fi Settings




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