Reconnecting your Doorbell Camera to the internet

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to reconnect your Doorbell Camera to the internet

Watch this video and follow along with these instructions to help you reconnect your Doorbell Camera back to your business Wi-Fi network:

  1. Hold the main button on your Doorbell and release it when the LED alternates green and red
  2. Log in to the TELUS Secure Business app
  3. Select Menu
  4. Select Doorbell Camera
  5. Select Settings
  6. Select Add Camera
  7. Choose your camera type and select Next
  8. Type a name for your camera and select Next
  9. Select Skybell from the list. Then it will scan for your Wi-Fi network
    • Note: For iOS users, go into Settings on your iPhone and select Wi-Fi. Connect to the network SkyBellHD_XXXXXX and then return to the Secure Business app
  10. If there is a notification that says “Internet may not be available”, allow the camera to connect to the Alarm network. Select Connect
  11. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the Wi-Fi password. Select Next
  12. The LED will double-flash orange, then alternate between blue and green for 30 seconds and finally arrive at solid green. If the LED gets stuck on the double-flash orange mode, then it is likely the Wi-Fi password was entered incorrectly
    • Note: Configuring your doorbell should take a few minutes to complete
  13. Make sure to Enable push notifications and select if you want your doorbell to trigger when the button is pushed and/or when motion is detected
  14. Your video feed should show up under Doorbell Camera on your TELUS Secure Business app

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