My TELUS user roles

How roles and responsibilities determine account access

Depending upon your type of TELUS Business account, you may see different account management options when you log in.

Note: Account members can't make changes to their overall account, plans or services. They can see information about their own phone number only.

Roles and responsibilities


The account manager is authorized to oversee the account. Managers can:

  • Access the link on the My Profile page for the Manage account users page
  • View all pending requests
  • Set up/decline access
  • See user table with all existing active linkages
  • Change access levels for managers and members
  • Assign phone numbers to managers and members
  • Remove access for managers and members
  • View and pay bills


Account members can:

  • View their own account activity
  • Make some changes to their own phone (such as updating the number)

Note: Members do not have access to the Manage account users page.

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