Location Analytics

Location analytics allows you to see the traffic and flow of users in your network.

To access this feature, select Network, and then Location Analytics. This information allows you to know how long your users stay at your location and how often your visitors come back.

Proximity chart

● Capture rate - the percentage of passersby who become users of your network
● Passerby – any device that is detected, but does not connect to your network
● Visitor – a device that has been detected for more than five consecutive minutes, (within a 20-minute period) but does not connect to your network
● Connected – the devices that have connected to the network

Engagement chart

● Shows the amount of time visitors spent within your network grouped by the length of their visit

Loyalty chart

● Shows how frequently your visitors connect to your network
● Visitors are classified as Occasional, Weekly, Daily and First-time users

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