Reboot your digital set-top box

Follow these steps to restart your Business Optik TV system

Note: It’s important to reboot your equipment in this specific order.

  1. Restart your modem

  2. Once your modem is back online, locate your Optik TV digital set-top box (STB)

    Optik TV 4K STB
  3. Disconnect the power cord from the back your digital box

  4. Wait 2 minutes

  5. Reconnect the power cord to the back of your digital box

  6. The digital box will reboot, which may take a few minutes. The box will be ready once both the Link and Power lights are on

    Optik TV STB - Power and Link lights
  7. Ensure you are able to watch Live TV

  8. Move on to any other digital boxes in the location and repeat steps 3 - 7, as needed

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