Bypass a sensor

Learn how to bypass specific sensors from your Control Panel.

All sensors must be closed before you are able to arm your system from the Control Panel. Bypassed sensors offer no protection and cannot cause an alarm. Use the bypass function if you want to arm your system with one or more sensors open and intentionally unprotected.

Active sensors can be seen under the Active category of your Control Panel. These sensors will be bypassed automatically as you arm your system.

Secure Business - Control Panel Main Screen

You can also manually bypass any sensors when arming your system by selecting the All category, then selecting the specific sensors you want to bypass.

Secure Business - Bypass Menu

Note: If you arm or disarm your system using the mobile app, any sensors that are currently open will be automatically bypassed. To see a list of all sensors that are active or open, select the Security System panel card for the statuses of all of your sensors.

Secure Business - Security System Card

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