4K Wireless digital box

Information about your 4K Wireless digital box

Your 4K wireless digital box information

  • If you have more than one 4K TV in your home, your 4K wireless digital box will allow you to watch live and On Demand 4K programming from additional TV(s)
  • You can set recordings, including 4K programming
  • Up to five digital boxes can be added for every 4K PVR.
  • Playback of any 4K recordings that you have set is currently not supported
    Note: This does not impact HD recordings
  • Fast forwarding, rewinding and skipping of 4K live program is currently not supported
    Note: does not impact HD content

Note: You may want to confirm that you meet the minimum requirements for Optik 4K. Visit Requirements for 4K Optik for more information.

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