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From benefits enrolment to cost management to claims processing, our innovative technology, clinical programs and professional services offer you the tools needed to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace.
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A strategic partner in group benefits management.

Deliver sustainable benefits.

Access extended cost management support with Canada’s leading health benefit manager.

Improve plan member experience.

Offer easy to use solutions that help empower plan members to get the most out of their benefits.

Claim submission at point-of-care.

Gain access to Canada’s largest point-of-care claim processing networks.

Solutions for Group benefits insurers.

Navigate a competitive marketplace with reliable and effective claims transport and processing solutions, clinical programs, and professional services.
Benefits selection


Make flexible and traditional benefit enrolment and administration easy for your plan sponsors. Our web-based interface allows employees convenient and comprehensive access to group benefits selection.
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Claims submission


With eClaims, extended healthcare professionals can process benefits claims on behalf of their patients at the point-of-care. This service supports optimal plan member experience and helps increase patient loyalty.
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Claims transmission

Claims Exchange

Transmit claims information between clinics and payors and receive claims in real-time through a single touchpoint.
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Claims processing and adjudication

Drug, dental, and extended healthcare

Benefit from cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use solutions to manage claims processing and adjudication on behalf of plan members.
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Cost management programs

Pharmacy Consulting

Gain access to the latest information on drug cost trends and benefit from our advanced cost management strategies to help ensure the sustainability of plan designs.
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case management

Disability Management Support

Virtual tools to simplify employees’ access to mental health care and facilitate return to work from a disability absence. Tailor support programs according to the needs of the employee on disability.
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Business intelligence 

Data-driven reporting

Gain valuable insights by leveraging our comprehensive database. With this targeted data in hand, develop and optimize benefits plans that best fit your plan sponsors’ needs.
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Solutions for Third Party Payors and Administrators.

Our tools and services help TPPs and TPAs streamline adjudication and claims management.
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Claims adjudication


With our solution, you can take full control of your claims processing and adjudication while also helping to enhance plan member experiences via a claims submission mobile app and web portal.
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Claims processing app

My Health Benefits

Improve the benefits experience of plan members by providing them with easy access to their benefit plan information, and efficient claims submission through a mobile app and web portal.
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Claims transmission

Claims Exchange

Transmit claims information between clinics and payors. Help increase efficiency and receive claims in real-time through a single touchpoint.

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