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Direct billing solution for insurers

Extended Healthcare Claims

Streamline the claims and/or the reimbursement process with an easy-to-use online solution. With Extended Healthcare Claims you can:

Automate processing of extended healthcare claims

Take care of the entire process, from submission to adjudication and reimbursement with one online tool.

Cut down on operating costs

Process all claims electronically through an intuitive online portal. An automated adjudication solution is also available.

Streamline transmission of information

Seamlessly connect with extended healthcare professionals’ practice management software.


How it works

Our Extended Healthcare Claims (EHC) solution provides insurers with a flexible, modular method to manage claims.

You can select the level of service you need:

  • EHC Claims Exchange (eClaims): Perfect for insurers who have adjudication in place, this solution allows the transport of claims between professionals and insurers. In some cases, the solution is dispatched and validated by TELUS Health, then sent to the insurer through the reliable TELUS Health claims exchange system.
  • EHC Claims Adjudication: For insurers or TPAs who don’t have a system but want to benefit from online claims and TELUS Health expertise, our intelligent platform offers flexible options to help meet insurer or TPA’s needs. TELUS Health also offers payment to plan members on behalf of insurers, as well as supporting anti-fraud controls.

Here’s what Extended Healthcare Claims can do for you

Tailor the solution to your evolving needs

Our solution is designed to be modular, and can easily be adjusted post implementation. If your benefits plan changes to cover emerging paramedical services, you can easily add practitioners in new specialties.

Reduce paperwork

Spend less time processing paper claims and contacting call centres for support. Keep operational expenditure dollars in your pocket. If needed, outsource management of paper claims to TELUS Health.

Easily access important information

Take advantage of web-based reporting tools to easily respond to customer requests. You can also access important information like claim status and the parameters on a sponsor’s benefit plan.

Satisfy plan members

Members get responses at their point-of-care. Shorten reimbursement lag times and reduce out-of-pocket expenses, helping increase loyalty to your service.


More solutions for insurers

My health benefits

Provide plan members with access to their benefit plan information and allow them to submit claims via their mobile device or desktop computer.

Claims Exchange

Transmit claims information from the point-of-sale to the TELUS Health adjudication engine and back to the healthcare provider, even if you’re not using a TELUS Health solution.

Online Benefits Enrolment

Empower your clients to take charge of their benefits.

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