Unlocking Talent with Technology


Employers across Canada are beginning to think about how they will reintegrate the workforce once the pandemic is over. They’re wrestling with big questions about talent, including:

  • How will we tap into the newly global talent pipeline?
  • How will we retain our top talent?
  • How can we engage and inspire our people?
  • Where should we invest to ensure a skilled workforce?


Increasingly, Human Resources leaders are looking to technology to help them enable the potential in their workforce. Recent research shows that half of organizations are focusing their Human Resources technology spend on talent acquisition (49%) and intelligent recruiting (45%). Almost as many (46%) are investing in skills mapping and career pathing platforms to support retention and ensure a competitive skillset for the long term¹.

In our hyper-competitive global talent market, having integrated human capital management (HCM) tools that automate recruitment and retention are key for helping recruiting teams stay focused on high-value strategic work. An interesting finding is that automated recruiting tools are now outperforming humans in finding candidates with the right fit², which is important for improving retention.  

The Employee Experience


Landing great talent is one thing; inspiring and retaining the best people is quite another. Increasingly, we are seeing the old model of annual performance reviews giving way to a continuous feedback approach. This is a global trend³ that increases transparency and helps managers and employees have ongoing conversations so there are no surprises in performance assessment.

Human Resources technology spending across industries reflects this focus on retention, with about half of firms¹ looking to their technology to help deliver a great employee experience using self-service tools and process automation to increase transparency and opportunities. In fact, more than one-third¹ are building customized learning journeys to upskill and reskill their workforce for the future.

But technology is only a means to an end. To find and keep the best talent, Human Resources teams need to focus on building a great organization. To attract and inspire the best people, employers need to double down on inclusion, diversity and equity, along with a solid environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy to connect employees’ work with a broader purpose and impact.

This is a great time to focus on building a competitive employer brand by investing in employee-centric ways to build shared purpose and create seamless digital experiences for candidates, employees and even former employees.

At TELUS we are privileged to work with Canada’s most progressive employers to help build the next generation of Human Resources tools for our clients as well as for our own employees. Contact us through our website or call us at 1-855-699-0573.  

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