Talent management solutions

Your people are your most valuable asset. Serve them well by aligning objectives with organizational goals.

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Talent acquisition

Find the right fit

Stubborn vacancies or poor hires can set your organization back. We can help you find the right fit and facilitate onboarding as quickly as possible with a solution that connects your business processes to relevant job boards and social media.

Our advantages

The TELUS Employer Solution team can help you reduce time to hire and enhance the candidate experience. Our tried and tested centralized, branded recruitment portal can help streamline touch points and increase quality data capture.


• Workflow automation to optimize approvals, requisitions, offer management and onboarding • Integration with existing HRIS applications • Regular application updates • Real time data access through predefined and ad hoc reporting capabilities

Performance management

Nurture a high-performance culture

The ongoing conversations between managers and employees is key to your organization’s success. Get the essential tools you need to promote and maintain a high-performance culture that aligns individual efforts with organization goals.

Our advantages

Track individual training and career goals that align with your organization’s objectives while also assessing your employees using a rating system configured to your philosophy.


• Create goals with success indicators and target dates • Create development plans and link to learning catalogue • Allow managers and employees to add ratings, weightings and comments • Indicate career goals • Track progress meetings • Add results throughout the performance cycle

Learning management

Facilitate access to education

You spend valuable time recruiting and training the best employees. The high cost of classroom learning requires a balanced, cost-effective approach to ensure employees have access to the education they need to be productive and engaged.

Our advantages

Whether online or classroom-based, our learning management solutions can provide a single location for employees to access material and record their development. Tools to manage waitlists, scheduling and reporting can make life easier for your admin team as well.


• Provide a single access point to all learning material • Support e-learning in industry-standard formats • Design online quizzes • Track instructors, venues and other learning assets • Automate email notifications to users with course information and updates

360° Feedback

Promote self-evaluation

Aligning your employees' efforts with your organization’s goals is a key to success. Our self-evaluation tools can help employees receive feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement from managers and peers alike.

Our advantages

360° Feedback is a personal development tool that lets employees create and send surveys to anyone they choose. Responses are anonymous, confidential, and provide employees with valuable, actionable feedback.


• Create a list of participants from employee directories • Track survey participation by category types • Control access to results • Generate different survey versions for different groups • Leverage robust reporting and graphing tool

Succession planning

Anticipate the future

Gaps in your talent pool can leave your organization vulnerable to the impact of unplanned vacancies. Our team can help you identify future leaders in your organization.

Our advantages

Help your organization manage unplanned leadership vacancies and nurture your top talent with succession plans. Know who is ready to step in now, in an emergency, or who is able to grow into the position down the road.


• Employees can identify an interest in positions and create personal profiles • Leaders have the ability to define emergency, ready-now, and 1-2 year successors • Administrators can create and manage detailed succession plan reports

Workforce analytics

Understand your data

The role of HR is expanding. Technology, regulations and a diverse workforce are among the metrics impacting today’s corporate strategies, and HR is responsible for gathering, consolidating and presenting this data to drive informed decisions.

Our advantages

Whether you need to know where turnover is greatest, where attendance needs attention, or where your next generation of leaders are coming from, Workforce Analytics mines data from virtually any system and displays it in a user-friendly, easily shareable dashboard.


• Generate Workforce reports • Reduce talent acquisition bottlenecks. • Pinpoint leaders and develop successor programs. • Align compensation offerings with organizational strategy. • Get to the root of who is leaving and why. • Track incidents and drive prevention programs.

Helping you take control of your workforce HR data

Watch how we can help you consolidate and simplify your company's multiple HR data streams to develop a more successful HR strategy.


Gain perspective

Carefully nurturing your organization's culture through strategic programs and communications involves understanding perceptions and identifying opportunities to improve the effectiveness of initiatives and employee engagement.

Our advantages

Survey is a user-friendly, intranet-based application that lets administrators create and distribute custom surveys across the organization that are easily completed and submitted online.


• Solicit feedback on customer service activities and processes, classroom sessions, and more • Prepare for large change initiatives through a change readiness assessment survey • Support anonymous responses • Leverage a variety of question and answer formats • Generate automatic reminders