Your monthly clips explained for TELUS Business customers

Learn about your Secure Business monthly clips and how to manage them.

: During Alarm situations, the system will always record your videos and upload them to your account, regardless of whether you have hit your monthly limit or not. These recordings may overwrite your existing clips if you already have over 3,000 clips recorded on your account.

How many clips can I record?

Your account can hold a maximum of 3,000 clips depending on your service package. If you record more than 3,000 clips, your oldest clips will be over-written by the new. You can save certain clips, so that they are not overwritten, by going to your
TELUS Secure Business account
and protecting the clip.

How many clips can I upload?

You can upload a maximum of 3,000 clips a month, depending on your service package, for manual and scheduled recordings.

On the top right-hand corner of the video pages, you will see an upload limit icon. Clicking on this icon will show a pop-up indicating how many uploads are included in your service plan and how many remain.

: Unused uploads will not carry over from month to month. On the first day of each month, your upload limit will reset.

How long are the recorded clips?

You can set the duration of the clips by going to your
TELUS Secure Business account
. Select

  • You can record up to 15min when triggered by an alarm (configurable)

  • You can record 35+ seconds as triggered by motion (configurable)

  • You can record 50 to 60 seconds when triggered by the system (i.e. a door open/close, lock code entered, etc.)

  • You can enable pre-trigger recording which will record 2 to 4 seconds prior to the motion event

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