Troubleshoot a Z-Wave device

Troubleshoot connection issues between a Z-Wave device and your SmartHub

Tips for avoiding the short range of devices

Because of the low power used by z-wave devices they may experience connection issues based on their proximity.

  • Use additional AC powered Z-Wave devices to relay signals to further away devices.

  • Try Link Quality tests to verify that devices are in range of the panel.

  • For devices that can't communicate directly with the panel, we recommend having a "Good" link quality in addition to having two other AC powered devices with a "Good" link quality as their neighbours.

  • Avoid obstructions (such as brick walls and large appliances) for better connectivity results.
    : See below for a list of the materials that can cause problems and their relative blocking affect.

Z-Wave signal strength through different materials

Other connection issues and tips

There are a few reasons a Z-Wave device might have difficulty connecting to a network. The list below has common causes to look for.

  • Ensure the Z-Wave device is fully powered either by a wall outlet or with sufficiently charged batteries. Refer to the device's manual to determine the best power supply.

  • Ensure the Z-Wave device is within range of either the hub or a Z-Wave device that acts as a repeater. (Typically AC-powered Z-Wave devices act as repeaters.)

  • If the device is not compatible, it could have difficulty connecting to the network. Ensure the Z-Wave device is officially compatible with TELUS Secure Business. Visit
    TELUS Secure Business products & service plans
    to see a list of compatible devices.

  • If the previous steps were taken, and the device still will not connect, try putting the hub into
    delete mode
    and tripping the device. Even if the device hasn't connected to the hub, it should still be able to be deleted. If the deletion is successful, try connecting the Z-Wave device again.

  • If the Z-Wave device was unable to be deleted from the hub, turn the hub and device power off. Wait a moment then power the hub and device on. Try to delete the device again. If that doesn't work, the Z-Wave device may need to be replaced.

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