Prevent malware, viruses and Trojans on your mobile device

How to prevent or clean up security problems on your device

If we contact you

At TELUS, to help keep you safe, we monitor our network for major known malware and viruses threats. If your device is impacted, you may get contacted by one of our team members that will assist you with the information on troubleshooting steps you can take to clean up your device.

Our data collection practices are described in our
Privacy Commitment
, and are designed to respect your privacy and protect your personal information. We will never ask you for any personal information and you can always call us back at *611 to confirm any information we left you.

Our main customer care numbers are
or 1-866-558-2273. Also, if our team members call you, they may leave the 1-855-717-0910 with a direct extension to contact them back.

What can malware do?

Malware can slow the device down, attempt to steal personal information and/or use the device as a botnet to attempt to spread the infection to other devices.

A botnet
: a device infected with malicious software and controlled by a single attacker or an attack group without the owners' knowledge as part of what is called a zombie network or a bot-network, e.g. to send spam messages.

Preventing malware

Download mobile applications from official sources only: Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for Apple. Downloading applications from unknown sources exposes you to risk of applications loaded with malware, as well as jailbreaking some devices.

In addition, for Android devices, in the security settings, do not enable “Unknown sources” feature allowing non Play Store installations.

Removing malware


If the iPhone or iPad are jailbroken, use iTunes to restore the device to original factory software. This will wipe the phone and restore the official software, removing any malicious content if present.


You can start by running an official antivirus app downloaded from the Google Play store. Most major antivirus companies offer free basic antivirus protection and scanners on Google Play.

If the issue persists, or the phone is unusable, resetting the phone will erase any malicious content and will restore the device to original factory settings.

Additional resources

(WISE Internet and Smartphone Education) is a free educational program available to all Canadians focusing on Internet and Smartphone safety and security to help keep families safer from online criminal activity such as financial fraud and cyberbullying.

Get Cyber Safe
by the Government of Canada covers a lot of topics on cybersecurity, from your mobile devices to your computers.

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