Set up data notifications for Drive+

Learn how to set up data notifications for your TELUS Drive+ service

If the only TELUS service you subscribe to is
, you need to set up email notification in order to receive data notifications.

Data manager
lets you configure your data notification settings and blocks so that you can control how much data is used in your account and prevent unplanned usage charges. Depending on your account type, you may see different account management options when you log in.

To access
Data Manager
, log in to TELUS
My Account
. If you have not already signed up for
My Account
you can
register here

: If you do not enable email notification, you will not receive any data notifications.

  1. Scroll down and select the
    Data Manager
    button. This will open the My Account login page.

  2. Login using your
    My Account

  3. Select
    Show more details

  4. Be sure to select the checkbox in front of the email address

  5. Scroll down to customize your email notification settings

  6. Select
    Save Settings

For more information visit
Data usage notifications for mobile devices

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