Registering for My TELUS mobility for TELUS Business customers

Need to see your bill? Have to swap a SIM card? Preparing for a business trip? Do these and many more tasks through your My TELUS profile.

Before you begin
registration, you will first need:

  • A valid
    email address

  • Your
    billing postal code

  • If creating a
    Manager profile

  • If creating a mobility
    Member profile

    • Your
      TELUS mobile phone number

    • Note
      : As a mobility customer on My TELUS, you will either be assigned the role of account manager or become an account member. When first registering, managers must use their account number in order to create a profile. If you are a member trying to create a profile that is already associated with a registered email address, you will require the approval of the account manager. Learn more about
      Manager and Member profiles

Simply follow these steps to register for My TELUS online or through the My TELUS app:

If you are having trouble registering for My TELUS, here are some
common reasons and solutions
to help you.

Still having issues?
Contact us
for further assistance.

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