Purchase On Demand movies via Own on TELUS Business Optik TV

How to browse, purchase and watch Own on Optik movies

Browse available Own on Optik movies

  1. Press the
    On Demand
    button on your remote

  2. Choose the
    folder and scroll down to
    Early releases

  3. You can also search for the title using the
    tool on the top-left main navigation

Purchase and watch Own on Optik movies

  1. Select Own on Optik title

  2. Select
    Order Options
    to purchase your title

  3. Watch it on any digital box linked to your Business Optik TV account or through the Optik TV app


  • Rates vary by movie and typically range from $15 - $25

  • Watch the titles anytime you want. All your On Demand purchases will be linked to your Optik TV account

  • Make a purchase on your TV and bring it on the go with the Optik TV app or My Optik Collection

  • You can access your On Demand purchases by heading to the On Demand section of Optik TV >
    My videos
    My rentals and purchases
    . Subject to provider licensing agreements, you may also have access to your On Demand purchases through My Optik Collection

  • When you "purchase" or “buy" On Demand titles, that content is not sold to you. Rather it is licensed to you as follows: Similar to the rights of physical DVDs or other digital content, On Demand titles are licensed to you subject to compliance with all applicable service terms and conditions. This gives you the right (i.e. license) to watch your titles for personal use as long as they are made available through the On Demand library or My Optik Collection (subject to provider licensing agreements)

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