Prepare for Business Optik TV installation

Tips to ensure your installation day goes smoothly

Follow these reminders to ensure a smooth and speedy installation experience.

Before the installation day

You should receive a reminder email a few days prior to the installation date you arranged. You can pick a different time and date if you need to change the date of your installation. If you have not done so already, you will need to
register for TELUS My Account

Once you have created an account or are logged into your account you can
change the date of your installation

: If you can't reach us online please
contact us

Prepare for a smooth installation

  • Have a contact person (18 years of age or older) present for the entire duration of the installation, it may take 2-5 hours

  • Contact your property manager in advance to arrange access to your building’s telephone room if your location is in a tower or shared commercial space.

  • Obtain approval from your landlord or building manager in advance for any services to be installed if you live in a rental

  • Make sure your pets are safely secured for the duration of the installation

  • Move any furniture blocking access to telephone and computer connections, and ensure TVs, computers or phones are placed where you would like them to be installed

  • There may be additional installation charges if you consent to extra hardware or extra wiring work

Helpful reminders when switching providers

  • If you have an email address with your previous provider, you may want to transfer your pictures, files and documents to your new email address.

  • Remember to return equipment to your old provider, such as digital boxes and modems, if required

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