Local calling areas explained for TELUS Business customers

Understand your local calling areas to avoid long distance charges

To avoid long-distance charges on your local calling plan, it’s important to understand the difference between how incoming and outgoing calls are charged.

Outgoing calls

How your outgoing call is charged depends on where you’re physically located when you place the call, regardless of your phone number. The cell site that picks up your call determines the local calling area.

For example, if you have a Toronto number (e.g. 416-xxx-xxxx) but are picked up by a Calgary cell site, you can call anyone in the Calgary local calling area and not be charged long distance.

: If you make an outgoing call to a number within your local calling area, and then travel out of your area without disconnecting the call, the entire call will be billed as a local call.

Incoming calls

Your local calling area for incoming calls is determined by your phone number. If you receive a call while outside of your local calling area, you’ll be charged long distance.

For example, if you have a Toronto phone number (e.g. 416-xxx-xxxx) and receive a call from any number while you’re in Calgary, the call is considered long distance.


  • Text messages and data are not subject to local calling areas, and can be used anywhere in Canada without long distance charges

  • Want to avoid long distance charges in Canada? Upgrade to a
    nationwide calling plan

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