Network Reference Guide - TELUS Business Connect

Technical Network guides for your Business Connect

Internet Requirements

Table 2. End-to-End Network Path Performance Requirements

Bandwidth - Hard Phones and VoIP Apps

Table T.2 - Business Connect Desk, Conference and Cordless Phone and VoIP App - Transmit and Receive Bandwidth

Bandwidth - Business Connect Video

Table T.3 - Business Connect Video - Transmit and Receive Bandwidth

Business Connect IP Supernets

Test Server
(does not de-prioritize pings):

Table 3. Business Connect IP Supernets

Functions to Disable

Table 4. Functions which may impair SIP signaling and/or RTP media traffic

Domains to Whitelist

Table 5. Whitelisting of Domains and IP Addresses

DSCP Values & Traffic Shaping

Table 6. Traffic Types and Classification

Table 7. Traffic Types and Classification

Port Ranges & Protocols

Table B.1 - Desk, Conference and Cordless Phone

** Ports 5098 and 5099 only need to be opened for Busy Lamp Appearance when
line sharing
is used.

Table B.2 - Desktop Softphone Application

Table B.3 - iOS and Android Mobile Phone Application (on Wi-Fi Network)

The following is the specific ports usage, but it's recommended to open the port range 5090-5099 for UDP/TCP/TLS because new ports may be added and some ports configuration may be changed within this range.

Table B.5 - WebRTC Telephony (Chrome Extension, Business Connect PC App)

Table B.6 - Business Connect Video - Desktop Client and Chrome Browser

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