TELUS Business Connect for Apple Watch

The TELUS Business Connect™ mobile app now supports Apple Watch

The Business Connect app for Apple Watch allows iPhone Users to do the following:

  • Get an instant notification when a message arrives

  • Handle an incoming call right from your wrist:

    • Send to voicemail or reply with a predefined message while you are not available

    • Answer calls by using Handoff on iPhone (Answer calls from Apple Watch is not yet available)

  • Respond to an incoming call with a pre-configured message

  • View call log by recent contacts


Access messages from Apple Watch

  • Step 1
    : Tap on the TELUS Business Connect icon

  • Step 2
    : You will be required to log in to the TELUS Business Connect app on your iPhone if this is the first time you are using the app on your Apple Watch

  • Step 3
    : You can now view the recent conversation up to 10 contacts

Actions when receiving a voicemail message notification

  • Play/listen to message by using Handoff on iPhone

  • Call back by using Handoff on iPhone

  • Dismiss/ignore calls

  • View the text transcription of a voicemail message (with the
    Voicemail Preview
    function enabled)

Action when receiving a fax message notification

  • Faxes cannot be viewed from an Apple Watch

Actions when multiple messages arrive

  • Tap to view a list of messages & call logs

Action when an incoming call arrives

  • Answer call by using Handoff on iPhone

  • Send caller to voicemail

  • Reply with a canned message

  • Dismiss/ignore calls


What are the system requirements to have TELUS Business Connect app on an Apple Watch?

To use the Apple Watch app that pairs and syncs with iPhone, you need to have at least an iPhone 5 with iOS 9.1 or later.

Can I make a call from the TELUS Business Connect app for Apple Watch?

It is currently not available. Apple has not yet allowed 3rd party’s app with a call function. However, you can use Handoff function to make call from your iPhone.

Can I listen to my voicemail from Apple Watch?

You will need to pair with your iPhone (through Handoff function) in order to listen to the voicemail. If you are a TELUS Business Connect Premium Plus customer, you can enable the Voicemail Preview function from your account settings to view the text transcription of a voicemail message directly on your Apple Watch.

How many messages can I view from my Apple Watch?

The TELUS Business Connect app displays up to 10 recent contacts and activities (messages & call log.).

Can I reply a custom message instead of using one of the available pre-defined message in Apple Watch app?

Yes. Tap on the Reply option from a received message or notification. Scroll down and tap on the “microphone” icon (at the end) which will allow you to reply with a voice-to-text message.

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