View of the water across Sheridan Lake.

Connecting Canadians

It’s O-fish-ial: British Columbia’s Sheridan Lake connects to PureFibre

Aug 14, 2023
(Above) Photo by Beverly Evans - Sheridan Lake, B.C. Submitted by Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association.
Nestled amidst the breathtaking wilderness of British Columbia’s Cariboo-Chilcotin region, Sheridan Lake has long been cherished as a hidden gem and a haven for lake and fly fishers. 
However, until recently, the remote location was without reliable high-speed internet – a connectivity gap that made it challenging for businesses and residents to support economic growth and attract new visitors and adventure seekers to the area. 
That all changed with the introduction of TELUS PureFibre® services, which have transformed the region.
Working together, TELUS, the Government of British Columbia and the Cariboo Regional District have made the successful implementation of PureFibre services in Sheridan Lake possible. Partnerships like these demonstrate a shared commitment to bridge the digital divide and increase access to economic development opportunities in rural areas. 
"The arrival of PureFibre services in Sheridan Lake represents a significant milestone in our shared progress to connect all B.C. communities to high-speed internet by 2027,” says B.C. Minister of Citizens’ Services Hon. Lisa Beare. “We are grateful for this collaboration with TELUS and local and federal governments in bringing this essential infrastructure to local residents."
“Connecting the Cariboo region to the world with high-speed internet continues to be a priority for the regional district, and I am pleased to see these critical upgrades completed,” adds Margo Wagner, Chair, Cariboo Regional District, and Chair, Northern Development Initiative Trust. “There remains significant work to be completed throughout our region, and we will continue working with the province and our broadband service providers to strategically expand high-speed internet upgrades in our region.”

Supporting tourism outcomes

A recreational vehicle parked outside Loon Bay Resort.

Photo by Jonny Bierman – Loon Bay Resort - Sheridan Lake, B.C. Submitted by Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association.

The introduction of PureFibre services in Sheridan Lake is already proving its ability to expand the existing tourism economy by attracting new visitors. The availability of high-speed, reliable internet connectivity has opened up new avenues for businesses and entrepreneurs to flourish in the digital economy. With connectivity, visitors are able to stay connected, while exploring the area's natural wonders and engaging in outdoor and watersport activities.
Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association CEO, Amy Thacker, emphasized the positive impact, stating "we are pleased to collaborate with the Cariboo Regional District and Telus on connectivity priorities. The PureFibre connectivity in Sheridan Lake opens up new opportunities for the region's tourism sector. Visitors can now share their experiences in real-time and businesses can expand their digital literacy attracting more visitors and bolstering the local visitor economy.”
TELUS General Manager of B.C. North, Newton Choy has said “the lifestyle landscape is shifting. The blend of work and play is changing and we hope to see the region flourish with these types of tourism experiences that can now be enjoyed on visitors' own terms because of the stable high speed connectivity that PureFibre brings with it.” 
All Canadians deserve resilient and reliable high-speed internet access to connect them to what matters most.
PureFibre is B.C.'s only 100 per cent pure fibre-to-the-home network and currently reaches more than 1.7 million homes and businesses, including 269,000 rural homes and businesses across the province. TELUS is working in partnership with the B.C. government to further their commitment to connect all underserved communities to high-speed-internet by 2027. The plan to connect every household in B.C. to high-speed internet services by 2027 will level the playing field for British Columbians and ensure every community has better access to jobs, education, training and health care.
Two individuals playing catch on the field outside of Loon Bay Resort.

Photo by Jonny Bierman – Loon Bay Resort - Sheridan Lake, B.C. Submitted by Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association.

The introduction of PureFibre services in Sheridan Lake is a testament to the transformative power of technology in enabling economic benefits and unlocking the full potential of tourism in rural communities. With PureFibre network connectivity, families can choose to live in rural areas with high-speed internet without sacrificing online career opportunities, fostering vibrant and diverse communities. As more communities gain access to high-speed internet connectivity, B.C. is continuing to move closer to achieving digital inclusion and empowering all communities to thrive in the digital age.