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Reinventing an old warehouse transforms sustainable workspace

Apr 21, 2020

Motivated by a commitment to sustainability, TELUS reinvented a warehouse that could have been torn down and sold for scraps, by creatively using materials and space inside and out.

TELUS recently seized the opportunity to turn a prefabricated steel-framed structure into a fully functional technicians’ hub with a new lobby entrance, meeting rooms, service bays, office and storage spaces. Opened in 2018, TELUS Park in Calgary is now home to 400 team members.

"We've done a lot of sustainable features and the key one is the rooftop solar array. It provides 25 per cent of our energy and electricity use, which is sizable for a building of this scaling. We've spelled out the letters TELUS with dual colour solar panels, just to give it a little bit of a TELUS flavour,” said Shazia Zeb Sobani, Vice President, Customer Network Implementation, TELUS.

At the front entrance, a solar flower – a power system with cells arranged on individual petals – provides a green power source for outdoor amenities, including a bench with built-in charging stations and electric car parking. Additional solar panels are arranged in a canopy to offer a variety of sheltered and unsheltered spaces for employees.

"We've taken sustainability and not just used it as a principle, we've actually lived it out in this building,” said Sobani.

Daylight is maximized where possible and blended with energy efficient, artificial lighting systems.

“Almost every team member has access to a window, either to a skylight or some sort of an opening that allows them to have exposure to natural light,” Sobani added. “The physical work environment does have a direct impact on team members' morale, their mood, their concentration and their productivity.”

"I have immense pride working for an organization that has a strong commitment to sustainability. It has encouraged me to adopt a greener lifestyle at home as well.”