A group of cheering Motivaction Jeunesse youths standing on a snowy mountainside

Giving back

Motivaction Jeunesse: Creating a more inclusive community one step at a time

Jan 31, 2019

Motivaction Jeunesse pulls kids together to share their differences and overcome prejudice.

Our vision of diversity and inclusiveness is aligned with that of Motivaction Jeunesse, and together we are actively improving the lives of children in Quebec. The organization uses athletic goals to strengthen children weakened by circumstance, and within this they run the ‘Colors Want’ project helping integrate children new to Quebec. Motivaction works to help these children build friendships, while breaking down prejudice and barriers, ensuring that the rich diversity of culture is used to pull children together and not apart.

Luc Richer founded Motivaction Jeunesse 15 years ago and has since been on a mission to educate and inspire ten to twenty-four year olds to get in shape, get productive and achieve their goals. “At the time there were a lot of issues with young people in the streets of downtown Quebec City, so I started to organize small activities with these kids. It started very slowly, and through the years it shaped up to become what it is today,” said Luc.

“These experiences really mark the kids forever. It gives them energy, things to dream about, and so much more.”

- Luc Richer, founder of Motivaction Jeunesse

Motivaction works in some of Quebec’s poorest schools, where 75 per cent of the kids are from low-income families. The organization gives these kids the opportunity to experience activities that wouldn’t otherwise exist for them. The foundation has offices in ten schools, and there are now between 1,500 and 2,000 kids who participate in activities with Motivaction each year. They offer the kids activities such as hip-hop dance clubs, marathons, rock climbing and cycling. These activities educate the children in goal setting, perseverance and achievement. Motivaction keeps children off the street and offers them an opportunity to participate in activities and sporting events, practice French, share values and learn about each other’s cultures.

“We love kids unconditionally regardless of their past, regardless of who they are. Kids know that.”

Our Quebec City Community Board has committed nearly $60,000 to this organization, including $15,000 to Motivaction to help fund the ‘Quebec in Colours’project. Faced with cultural differences, children who have recently immigrated to Quebec are often left out and unable to break through the barriers of contrasting cultures. Motivaction aims to help these young people better integrate into our city, specifically the Vanier and Limoilou areas. Motivaction has created an intercultural environment, which allows them to develop trusting relationships with young people and their families. Their main objectives are to prevent racism and intercultural tensions, counter street gang membership and develop a sense of belonging.

The reach Motivaction has in the lives of these kids through sports, projects and learning means the children who need a helping hand are supported.