Connecting Canadians

Celebrating a decade of connecting Canadians to TELUS PureFibre

May 23, 2023
In 2013, TELUS took a bold step with a generational investment in world-leading fibre-optic internet that would change the way Canadians live, work and connect. Since then, we’ve invested more than $7 billion into PureFibre, connecting millions of homes and businesses to our most advanced broadband technology.

With PureFibre, TELUS is powering virtual healthcare, education and teleworking, empowering rural, remote and Indigenous communities with greater access to connectivity, fostering entrepreneurship and accelerating the digital economy – and our PureFibre story is just beginning.

Click the video above to see how PureFibre is making an impact in communities across Canada, and learn how TELUS is contributing to a brighter future for all for decades more to come.
All Canadians deserve resilient and reliable high-speed internet access to connect them to what matters most.