The municipal office in Clinton, B.C. is a heritage building in the village centre.

Connecting Canadians

Coming home to Clinton: it’s all about connection

Jul 4, 2023
In many small towns, leaving home is considered a way to pursue opportunity. Clinton’s story is different. In this small B.C. town, residents are finding connection and, with it, even more reasons to stay.
Clinton’s townsite was settled within the traditional territory of the Secwepemc Nation in the mid-1800s with the discovery of gold and development of the Cariboo wagon roads. Backdropped by the forested foothills and nearby lakes that outlay the Nk’mip (Osoyoos) Desert, it’s easy to see why ranchers choose the area’s acreages to settle. The Wild West architecture keeps the community connected to historic roots, but not everything about this community is a throwback to eras’ past.
Starting this summer, TELUS will be building out its
network in Clinton, B.C., connecting over 500 homes and businesses to high-speed internet. As a part of that build, High Bar First Nation members living within Clinton are being connected through the project. “Small communities such as the Village of Clinton are extremely excited to see progress with PureFibre high speed internet,” said Mayor Roland Stanke. “It greatly helps our citizens and businesses to keep pace with our increasingly digital world. Better connectivity provides the ability to work from home, continue education, as well as have improved virtual health care. I see this as a great stride for our community, balancing our rich history with a step forward to future opportunities.”
PureFibre provides the fastest speeds to enable quality video calls, buffer-free streaming, a lag-free gaming experience and seamless home, learning and wellness solutions. This connectivity supports additional investment and business opportunities in tourism, health, education, remote work, and every type of small business. 
All Canadians deserve resilient and reliable high-speed internet access to connect them to what matters most.
The further development of TELUS’ high speed PureFibre network in Clinton is being driven in partnership with the provincial government. “Everyone has a right to quality high-speed internet. We’re focused on connecting every rural, remote and Indigenous community in B.C. by 2027,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Citizens’ Services. “Fibre to the home means that people in Clinton will be able to access high-speed internet to better participate in the digital economy, stay connected to loved ones and access necessary online services.”
A colourful mural with the word “Clinton” painted on it decorates a fence.

An attractive mural decorates a fence while celebrating the community’s pride for their hometown of Clinton.

Expanding community connection

For Clinton, staying connected goes beyond the digital. Annual community events at the end of May let Clinton-ites come together to celebrate, socialize and welcome visitors to experience their community’s rural, western charm. The May Ball has been running for over 150 years, serving as a call to travel to Clinton since its inception.
TELUS family members smile beside a TELUS truck during the May parade in Clinton.

TELUS family members attended the Clinton parade to help welcome PureFibre services to the community this year.

Included in the homecoming events of May are the annual parade and rodeo. This year, as part of the celebrations, TELUS became better connected with the Clinton community by sponsoring and participating in the annual parade. With events being on hold for a few years, this year’s parade was long anticipated and TELUS had the privilege, through its sponsorship, to be an integral part of the event being kicked off again. TELUS trucks, team members and their families came out to join the procession and enjoy the day’s festivities.
Staff from Munro’s Feed in Clinton dressed as chickens on their business’s parade float.

Local businesses came out with style and enthusiasm to make the parade a memorable event.

Building, new meaningful partnerships

Being a good community partner means supporting great community outcomes. Connecting homes and businesses to PureFibre, as well as connecting with communities where TELUS builds and operates, are two ways that TELUS is ‘Connecting for Good’. Not every day does this mean donning a cowboy hat and boots to stroll down a town’s main street. But in this case, doing just that made for a fun festive way for TELUS and Clinton to get connected.