TELUS Custom Security Systems FAQs

Why did TELUS purchase my security company?

As a provider of state-of-the-art automation and security services to homes and businesses across the country, TELUS has decided to acquire strategic security companies, taking the perfect opportunity to bring world-leading technology to even more Canadians, just like you.

Am I a TELUS Custom Security Systems customer?

Yes, you are a part of the TELUS Security family. You can contact our dedicated security experts at 1-855-909-8277 (AB/BC) or 1-855-787-8277 (Rest of Canada) for all your support needs. For monitoring support moving forward, please contact your dedicated monitoring team at 1-888-675-3585.

Will my service be interrupted?

No, we value peace of mind and your well-being. Your service will not be interrupted.

Will my pricing or services change?

Your existing price will be honoured and your services will be continued to be supported.

What will my TELUS Custom Security Services bill look like?

Your billing cycle, monthly charge and invoice delivery will remain unchanged.

Will my payment process change?

Your pre-authorized payments are with TELUS, and TELUS will appear on your bank or credit card statement.

Will my mobile app still work?

Yes, your existing (ADC) mobile app still works. However, we highly encourage customers to go to the app store and download the TELUS SmartHome mobile app for all the latest updates.

Why am I seeing a new ‘Terms of Service’ pop-up notification on my mobile app?

This update is to reflect the TELUS-branded version of the mobile app. No changes have been made to your security service agreements or price, and you will continue to receive the same level of service as you have always enjoyed today.

Please "Accept" these terms and log in with your existing credentials.

If you have accidentally hit "Decline", please log out and fully close the app down. Please restart and open it again.

Do I need new equipment?

No, just like our intuitive app, we like to make things easy for you. You can continue to use your existing equipment.

What phone number should I call for support?

You now have the benefit of dedicated TELUS teams available for questions or concerns. For technical, equipment issues and billing, please contact us at 1-855-909-8277 (AB/BC) or 1-855-958-8181 (Rest of Canada). For questions about our centrail monitoring station, contact us at 1-888-675-3585.

What will happen to my personal data?

As Canada’s best custom security and smart automation provider we want to make things simple to you. Your account information will migrate to our billing and support systems. No action will be required from you.

Can I bundle my security service with other TELUS services?

Yes, as a valued member of the TELUS family, get access to our amazing offers and enjoy big savings on smartphones, Internet, and TV. Call us at 1-855-550-4334 to save more today.

Why is TCSS switching to a new decal design?

Currently, many TCSS clients may be displaying old window decals and lawn signs from prior security providers. The new TCSS window decals and lawn signs are attractive and highly visible, and will show passersby that your security services are up to date. By switching over to the new TCSS decals and lawn signs, you will ensure that your home or business remains visibly protected by our world-class security service

How can I order new security decals and lawn signs?

All TCSS customers are being proactively mailed 3 new TCSS window decals. If you have not received your new decals by March 15th, 2021, or would like to request a lawn sign or additional decals, please

  1. Call TCSS Customer Experience within the hours below:


8:00am to 4:30pm PST, Monday-Friday

Rest of Canada:

8:00am - 8:00pm EST, Monday - Friday

  1. Email your request to

Do I have to pay for additional decals or lawn signs?

No. Lawn signs and additional decals will be mailed to you upon request, free of charge

What do I do with my old lawn sign(s)?

Please recycle your old lawn sign(s) according to your local municipality’s guidelines.

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