Create a guest network (ZyXEL)

Create a guest network on your ZyXEL Modem to securely share internet access with friends.

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A guest network is a secondary network that provides secure internet access for your guests. This network can have a different password from your main network. Devices connected to the guest network will be able to access the internet, but not other shared files, printers, network storage, etc.

Guest Network Setup ( ZyXEL VSG-1432)

To set up or modify your guest network, you will have to log into your modem. In order to do so, type in into the address bar of your web browser.

Use the username and password fields at the top right of the page to log in. The username is admin and the password is telus unless you have changed the default settings. If you have previously changed the default settings and can’t remember your password, you will have to restore your router to default settings.

Once you have logged in, click on the Wireless tab at the top.

On the wireless settings page , select the Additional WLANs tab.

Then, click on the icon under Modify on the right side of the page on the same line as Guest1 SSID. See the red box below.

On this page, you will be able to enable and customize your guest network settings.

Wireless Network Setup

  1. Wireless: Enable
  2. Wireless Network Name (SSID): If you would like to create a custom network name for the guest network, you can customize it here. Make sure the name has the words “Guest” on it for your reference. If you do not want to create a custom network name, leave this field as is.
  3. Hide SSID: Unchecked
  4. Client Isolation: Checked
  5. MBSSID/LAN Isolation: Checked
  6. Internet Only: Checked
  7. Enhanced Multicast Forwarding: Unchecked

Security Mode

  1. Security Mode: Mixed WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK
  2. Generate password automatically: Unchecked
  3. Password: Click on the textbox and type in the password you would like to use for your guest network. It is recommended this password is not the same as your main network password.
  4. Encryption: AES
  5. Group Key Update Timer: 1800

When you are done, press “Apply’ to complete the guest network setup.

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