Change subscriber user names

Changing a user's name doesn’t affect the billing information, but it can help differentiate your users if you have many lines. It can also help you identify the devices your employees are using.

  1. Log in to your My TELUS account

  2. Select My Profile

  3. Select Change subscriber name

    Change subscriber user names / Change subscriber name
  4. Select the account (if applicable)

  5. Select the subscriber whose details you wish to change

  6. Enter First name, Last name and select Save

    How to change subscriber user names - Step 6 Image

  7. We'll send you a verification code

  8. Select a phone number or email to receive a verification code to confirm your identity

  9. Enter the 6-digit verification code and select Continue

    • You will only need to verify once every 30 minutes

    How to change subscriber user names - Step 9 Image
  10. The name change will be effective once a success message appears

    How to change subscriber user names - Step 10 Image

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