Call waiting explained

Never miss any important call when you are already on the phone

Never miss any more important calls when you are already on the phone. At the sound of the beep, press on the receiver button to take the second call without losing the first. . . Extremely convenient!

How to use Call Waiting

The second caller hears the normal ringing, not the busy signal.

To answer the second caller

At the sound of the beep, quickly push the receiver button on your phone. (If you do not answer the second caller immediately, you will hear a final beep ten seconds later.) Pushing the receiver button also lets you switch from one caller to the other.


  • If you are having a three-way conference call, you will not hear the call waiting beep, and the person trying to reach you will hear a busy signal.
  • If you have also subscribed to a voicemail service, you can ignore the call waiting beep and let the call go into voicemail.

To end the first call

  1. Hang up and wait for the ringing.
  2. Now pick up to speak to the second caller.

How to turn off Call Waiting

You can de-activate the Call Waiting service during an important call or data transfer. Make sure you do this when you are using a dial-up service because some modems cut off the Internet connection during an incoming call.

Before making an important call

  1. Pick up the handset and dial *70 on your touch-tone phone.
  2. Dial the desired number.

During a call

Note: You must turn off this service before hearing the beep of an incoming call. It will be too late otherwise at the sound of the beep.

  1. Ask your caller to hold for a second.
  2. Quickly push your phone receiver button.
  3. Dial *70 on your touch-tone phone.
  4. You will then hear beeping, meaning the connection has been re-established with your caller.

To tell between a local and long-distance call

If you are on the phone,

  • One beep means a local call,
  • Three beeps mean a long-distance call.

If you are not on the phone,

  • A normal one-ring pattern means a local call,
  • A three-ring pattern means a long distance call.

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