TELUS Business Connect for LTI - Blackboard Configuration Guide

Configuring Blackboard with TELUS Business Connect

Step 1: Add or View a configuration

Navigate to the TELUS Business Connect for LTI app gallery listing to sign in and begin your setup. Select Add configuration to connect your Learning Management System (LMS) Tool with TELUS Business Connect Video using a step-by-step wizard.

Select View details to view any previous configurations. Select the More menu to delete an existing configuration.

Step 2: Select the LMS tool

Select Blackboard as the LMS tool to configure with TELUS Business Connect. Select Next.

Step 3: Step-by-Step configuration wizard

Step 3.1:

Enter a name and a brief description (optional) of the configuration.

Step 3.2: Client and Deployment ID

  1. Copy the Client ID displayed in Step 2 of the configuration wizard.
  2. Navigate back to the Blackboard account to the Administrator Panel. Select the System Admin tab and scroll down to select LTI Tool Providers.
  3. Next, select Register LTI 1.3 Tool. Paste the Client ID that was copied in the beginning of this step (3.2.1). Select Submit.
  4. Copy the Deployment ID displayed in the Tool Status page. Enter a name and description of the tool.
  5. Navigate back to TELUS Business Connect for LTI web page to paste the Deployment ID under Step 2 of the configuration wizard. Select Next.

Step 3.3: Copy Target Link URI

  1. Copy the Target Link URI displayed in Step 3 of the configuration wizard. This key is required while adding the TELUS Business Connect tool to a course and managing its placement within the course.
  2. Navigate the Blackboard interface to the list of LTI Tool Providers. Search using the name of the tool (Ex: TELUS Business Connect). Select the downward arrow next to the name and select Manage Placements. Next, select Create Placement.
  3. Enter values for the required fields – Label, Handle, Availability and Type. Select Yes for Availability and select Course tool -> Allow student access to make the tool available to students for all their courses.
  4. Next, scroll down and paste the Target Link URI copied at the beginning of this step (3.3.1). Select Submit.

Step 3.4: Finish Configuration

Navigate back to TELUS Business Connect for LTI web page and select Next to go to Step 4 of the configuration wizard. At this point, TELUS Business Connect tool is successfully added to the courses where instructors can select from the Tools menu under each course in their Blackboard account.

Accessing TELUS Business Connect in Blackboard

Note: Available for both instructors and students.

Step 1: Navigate to the courses tab in Blackboard

If not logged in at this step, enter the login in Blackboard as Administrator or Instructor account and select the Courses tab.

Step 2: Select the course to access TELUS Business Connect tool

Select the course where you would like to use the TELUS Business Connect Video tool to schedule meetings. Next, select Tools from the menu within the selected course.

Step 3: Launch TELUS Business Connect tool within Blackboard course

Scroll to find and select the name of the TELUS Business Connect tool you just configured. Once selected, the page loads to display the login screen for the TELUS Business Connect tool.

Select Sign in and enter your TELUS Business Connect login credentials.

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